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Akavan sairaanhoitajat ja Taja ry is a national professional association for the interests of experts and managers in health care as well as health care students. The association attends to the professional, educational and financial interests of its members, advances the development and maintaining of its members’ professional skills and knowledge, and contributes to the development of welfare services.

Akavan sairaanhoitajat ja Taja influences its members’ pay terms, working conditions and education, promotes their general circumstances, and endorses social and health policies that help promote people’s health and well-being as well as good care and services.

The association advances its members’ possibilities to work in positions as well as have an income level that correspond to their education, knowledge and skills. In addition, the association aims at influencing on local, regional, national and international levels.

You can become a member of Akavan sairaanhoitajat ja Taja ry

  • if you are a Registered Nurse (college level or higher-level degree),
  • if you hold a bachelor’s or a master’s degree,
  • if you hold a master’s degree in health care from a university of applied sciences, or
  • if you are in a managerial position or work as an expert in social and health care.

The association warmly welcomes also students of the above-mentioned degrees!

Akavan sairaanhoitajat ja Taja organizes training both regionally and nationally, providing its members topical information and a possibility to meet other members and to network. The association’s member magazine Pro Terveys includes scientific knowledge of current topics. The magazine also provides a forum for the presentation of the members’ own studies. Every year, the association awards grants to some of its members.

The membership benefits include

  • insurance benefits; free-time accident insurance, professional indemnity and legal expenses insurance, and discount on insurance fees in insurance company Turva,
  • benefits provided by Danske Bank,
  • Member+ service,
  • training and events,
  • discounts on free-time activities,
  • Uraportaali webinars and videolibrary
  • a network of mentors,
  • a free subscription to a digital newspaper Mediuutiset,
  • Taja network for student members.

The membership fee of Akavan sairaanhoitajat ja Taja is 1.05% of all taxable earned income, i.e. including basic salary, length-of-service bonus and other elements of salary or wages. However, the membership fee is never more than 40 euros a month and 480 euros a year. During unpaid periods of time, such as unemployment, parental leave and study leave, the membership fee is only 8 euros a month. Full-time students’ membership fee is 11 euros a month.

The membership fee also includes a membership of Unemployment Fund Erko!

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